Eric Bitz of discusses why sports trading cards have become so popular.

The trading card market has become white-hot in recent months. Not only have cards been selling for record prices, but interest in trading cards as a whole seems to have increased. Trading card expert Eric Bitz, who runs, covers the trading card boom.

“It’s always an exciting time to…

Looking to invest in trading cards or to build a personal collection? If you’re buying cards online, you should check out these tips from Eric Bitz from BuyNiceCards.

Collectibles have become all the rage in recent months with rare cars, trading cards, NFTs, and other collectible assets selling for record prices. If you’re looking to get into online trading card investing and collecting, however, there are some things you need to know. …

Sports trading cards have made headlines in recent weeks, selling for huge sums. Rare card expert Eric Bitz of BuyNiceCards is going to share some insights for those considering jumping into the market.

If you’ve been following financial news closely over the past few months, you may have seen some headlines about sports trading cards. While trading cards may not seem a natural fit for financial news, they are becoming increasingly popular investment vehicles. …

Eric Bitz

Eric Bitz is a creater and owner of based out of the greater Pittsburgh, PA area.

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